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«Quam bene Saturno vivebant rege, priusquam / Tellus in longas est patefacta vias!»
—Tibullus, Elegiae, I, 3

Any kind of self-deception is now completely useless: the world is collapsing before our eyes. The myopic optimism that once characterized our era has vanished, giving way to despair and the proliferation of neuroses. The illusion has disappeared, tearing away the dense veil that separated us from reality: behind the sound of fireworks and machines hides, covered in dollars, the Iron Age.

Before being trapped by modern delusions, man oriented his life, in all cultures and all times, around a more than obvious fundamental truth: that, just as a human is born and dies, having passed through various stages; just as life in nature is rooted in the endless repetition of multiple chapters, so is History (with a capital ‘H’) inexorably dragged along by the cycles characteristic of life in our Universe. This process was given many names as it was expressed in different languages and divided into different cycles of variable duration. All civilizations arrived, however, to an identical conclusion: that man is currently in his greatest state of degradation, and that, likewise, he is trapped in the last of these cycles, in an age of immorality, violence, suffering and materialism that stands opposed to the harmonious character of the Golden Age, completely vanished from our collective memory.

After millennia, when all traces of the wisdom of the Ancients had been thoroughly suppressed, the most intelligent among us would be able to identify a small section of this process, previously amputated from its general context, to reach, innocently, the conclusion that this progressive disappearance of all ties between man and man was beneficial, part of a slow linear progress towards a clone of the utopia that would have been found, in reality, in the opposite direction, not in the culmination of the phases but in its beginning, prior to the fall. And it was decided that this “progress” had to be protected at all costs, for it represented the absolute good. Its opponents were marginalized or (depending on the times) demonized or simply executed. Their conservative instincts were ridiculed, and their defeats commemorated as a triumph of “the right side of history”, thus of humanity as a whole. Ironically, it was these conservatives, mistreated by the forces of their time, who were the only ones to express, partially, the true dynamics of history. For in comparing their time with a bygone era, they identified something in decay that they desperately tried to preserve, as well as a certain corrosive force whose identity they were (almost always) unable to verbalize, but against which they decided to fight with all their might.

None of this should surprise us, for every event is a tool at the service of these inescapable cycles; everything happens for a reason and the losers are usually those who had to lose. Our temperament, however, prevents us from simply standing by, watching the direction of the tide. We are compelled to fight because we have found the Truth; we are ready for action because the sad emptiness of our world is making clear that we have no alternative, and because every small victory, however fragile and provisional (for all that is solid will eventually collapse, like a house of cards, in the Iron Age) would help us detach from the vileness that surrounds us.

These are our reasons to found this order, open to members of all nationalities. Recognizing the end of the pax deorum, the agreement between Rome and its gods broken by the transition to the Jewish faith, as one of the biggest leaps in this process of degradation, we set out to resurrect the pagan gods, which are universal; to the Christian egregore and his tyranny, as well as his linear conception of history, we oppose the natural harmony of the beliefs of our ancestors, who venerated, under different names, the forces of the Cosmos and nature. Recognizing Chronos as the ruler of the Golden Age, before being dethroned by his son Zeus (Hesiod), we entrust ourselves to him in our struggle for a brief regression of cycles, for the building of a small oasis away from the decay.

Our goal is the complete detachment from all that is corrupt or in ruins, the absolute revolt against every aspect of the decay, the cultural, spiritual and metapolitical reform of humanity to turn the hands of the enormous clock of the ages back through a titanic effort, returning, for as long as possible, to the glorious kingdom of Saturn.

Join the order and help us change the world.

August 2021